Divani Javad Nurbakhsh

The Master Of Nimatullahi Order

Джавад Нурбахш родился в 1926 году в городе Кермане (Иран). Он учился на медицинском факультете Тегеранского университета и в 1952 году получил диплом врача. В 1962 году его пригласили в аспирантуру Сорбонны в Париж. Позднее он вернулся в Тегеран, где завершил свое образование в области психиатрии. Вплоть до 1977 года д-р Джавад Нурбахш был профессором Тегеранского университета, где возглавлял отделение психиатрии. Когда началась иранская революция 1978—1979 гг., д-р Джавад Нурбахш покинул Иран и перебрался в Англию.


Divani Javad Nurbakhsh - Речь Мастера Ниматуллахи доктора Джавада Нурбахша.

Come, so we can wash away the image of existence and no longer speak of I and we. Come, and let us like your thoughts puffs away forget both worlds and be silent. Come, but beware at the shame of knowing send those endless lines of learning from your head. Come, so we can cast far away all things that may be said and blind our eyes to all there is to see. Come, we will be strangers to all and seem mad in the eyes of rational men. Come, we will empty ourselves of self and leave behind the shame of I. Come, and welcome unfulfillment, for we do not suppose our selfs desires to be the goal. Come, and be drowned in the ocean of unity free from all thoughts of union and separation. As this world is not even worth a grain of sand other than what is old and new it is nothing.

Drowned in the traceless ocean I am once again ignorant of self without thought of creation, what is there left to agitate me. A long time has passed since by remembrance of him, I separated from myself no longer does his sting or South produce any effect. In the world of madness the heart has no religion. by what logic then into these intellectualsstill lost my faith. The beloved plundered both heart and soul and took them from my palm. Why then do you talk of more or less with me, who has nothing. If the possessor of my heart touches his fingers to the strings of madness it is only to place a psalm upon my wounded Heart.

Oh Nurbakhsh with no regret the soul of souls has poured out our blood, that he might say still do I remember the yearning Darvish.

Say always the name of the friend. Slowly slowly. With this alchemy changed the copper of a heart into gold. Slowly slowly.  Drink from the wine of unity in the tavern of oneness so that I and you will be taken from your mind. Slowly slowly. Stamp your foot on the head of existence enter your hands of both worlds. thus will you become a confidante of God's secrets. Slowly slowly. Seek a road from that king who has the wealth of Allah and sooner or later he will separate you from yourself Slowly slowly. In love's district impatience brings loss for difficulties, will bemade easy by surrender and contentment Slowly slowly. There are thousands of tests in store for sincere lover. also that he will come to know love secret  Slowly slowly.  The knowing traveler who truly strives will pass through the Stations of the way. Traveling the road of baka, after the road of Fana. Slowly slowly. In the school of lovers silence is better than speech.

Oh Nurbakhsh this statement was made clear. Slowly slowly.

Кирилл Александрович Новиков

Художник говорит критику:
— Чтобы об искусстве живописца рассуждать, надо самому уметь рисовать.
— В жизни я не снес ни одного яйца, — отвечает критик, — но о качестве яичницы могу судить лучше любой несушки.

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